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Base Price

20,000 INR

3 Desk Phone

  • Free Calling

    12000 Minutes

  • Free Auto Reply SMS

    1200 SMS

  • Unlimited Agents Addition

  • Free Add-on

    Custom Sender ID

    Custom Template

  • Free Add-on

    Office Time Schedule

    Lead Manager

  • Unlimited Shared Channels

    Multiple Security Parameters

Choose Usage

12,000 Calling Minutes/Year

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Frequently Asked Question

All the answers to your questions

What is Desk Phone

A Desk Phone is a virtual number that will configure with Desk TALK IVR application that helps customers to map Departments or employees on Cloud IVR using extensions.

What is Call coins Minutes?

Call coins minutes are calling minutes which will be use to divert your incoming calls from callerdesk application to your company representatives. One call coin is equal to 1 minute calling duration.

What is sms coins?

SMS coins are auto reply SMS which will be used for sending auto reply SMS to caller as well as your company representatives after disconnection of every incoming call.

What happen when calling minutes finish before assigned time?

You can still see all details and reports like the same before account is in active mode but to use our services further, You need to re-activate the plan after making a payment.

What If my plan validity expires?

After your Plan validity expiry date, You will no longer use the balance remaining in your account, which also means that your services will be suspended.

How can I gets the Invoices?

A invoices will be dispatched by us only through our CallerDesk email id to your registered primary email address which was previously registered while creating your callerdesk account.

All Features

Audience List View and filter incoming/outgoing caller numbers. View and update its profile. Add any custom data to caller profile.
Segmentation Create and store caller as different segments based on their responses and feedback. Assigned your company member according to interaction level.
Export Export all your callers and their filled details in a excel
Announce Notification Templates Send personalised notification to your caller audience.
Broadcast Schedule a automatic voice call notification for any time.
Notification Settings Send multiple notifications to a particular segment like your company agent or only to caller or to both.
Draft Create sms & voice template/content in draft and use them again and again.
Caller Response Send notification based on Caller call result like seperate notification for answered, unanswered, missed,welcome & voice mail calls.
Converse Call Stretagy Connect on Call with all the users which Chat bot is unable to understand in real time. Multiple agents can sit simultaneously and share the load.
Live Call View all the callers which are currently Live on call with your company agent/members
Hybrid Automatic call transfer to other agent if any user to waiting or busy on other call.
In-Call Transfer In-Call Transfer to other agent during the call if one agnet wants to connect with other agent in necessaarily situations.
Analytics Overview Get overview of how your company dedicated DeskPhone number is performing for all incoming/outgoing calls.
Performance Analytics related to how your comapny agents/members are performing in last hourly basis, daily basis as well as comparision with last month for total call flow.
Filteration Detailed filteration & analytics about caller like location, duration of conversation and overall deal conversion etc.
Reports Get regular reports in your Registered mobile number message box.
Export Export any analytics dasboard as Image.
Support Email Use our support email id - support@callerdesk.io for support for any queries.
Issue Management Easy and effective management of all the issue you have reported.
Extra Data Retention All the Incoming/Outgoing conversation data is reatained till account is in active stage.

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