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Education Industry

Education institutes need to communicate clearly and transparently with the stakeholders like- parents, learners, or other institutes.

Minimize Costs and Increase Productivity

Minimize Costs and Increase Productivity

Education institutes office Time Scheduling

Education institutes office Time Scheduling

Call Distribution & Multi Level IVR

Call Distribution & Multi Level IVR

Consolidated call reports

Consolidated call reports

Auto feedback & Survey from Parents/Students

Auto feedback & Survey from Parents/Students

Education Industry Is Widening Its Outreach with Cloud Telephony

Educational Institutions are moving away with the conventional methods of communicating with the learners. Those methods prove to be time-consuming, expensive, and obsolete in today's big-data driven digital ecosystem.

Simplify Connectivity with Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony refers to communication, which relies on a third-party host to offer voice services to its customers. In a business surroundings, the image of the brand is of great value, which in furtherance assures the customers of the quality and other professional standards. When a business relies on third-party hosts like CallerDesk for communicating with customers, then it has to be forged in the utmost professional setting. Cloud telephony comes with almost zero downsides, while the advantages seem to be countless. Education institutes need to communicate clearly and transparently with the stakeholders like- parents, learners, or other institutes. Whether you are running an admission campaign to widen your reach in the audience, or you want comprehensive call analytics on the communication you have carried out- CallerDesk gives you the flexibility to choose the setup as per requirements.

Minimize Costs and Increase Productivity

Ed-tech startups are blooming on the global education ecosystem, and businesses are leveraging technology to publicize and demonstrate the uniqueness of their educational model. CallerDesk helps these businesses to set up their advertisement campaigns with the set industry standards in a professional manner.

To mention a few advantages of CallerDesk's cloud telephony, we have:

Call Recording: Default call recordings of all calls for quality control, proof of commitment, enrolment, counselling etc.

Call Distribution: Disperse calls to multiple call routing strategies in case of call congestion or one agent is not available.

Multi Level IVR: Casts a first impression with an IVR which further helps in proper call distribution.

Easy setup and no hardware is required.

Number Masking: Displays the company's number rather than the caller's number.

Scalable and reliable.

A consolidated report of calls: Information on the frequency of calls, call timings, calls being withheld, and call reports of agents, etc.

Office Time Scheduling: During non-working hours, the IVR plays, and the timer reminds the agent to call the customer the next day.

Harmony in Deployment For Personalized Learning

Homeschooling and self-tutoring are the new age trends in the education sphere. Also, institutes realize the value of personalized learning and are dictating their communication channels to reach out to the learners to demonstrate their model of education. Many leading Ed-tech startups and institutes use cloud telephony to communicate effectively to their learners. Here's how they do it:

Forming a link between the counselor and the learner.

Providing the comfort of pausing and resuming the conversation between the counselor and the student.

Allowing the student/learner to access previous call recordings for any future reference.

Using SMS to keep the student updated about classes, exam schedules.

Getting the parents involved in a non-intrusive way.

It may not be pleasing to the student if his scorecard is sent to his parents at the end of every exam, but in the long run it creates an immense impact on the quality of education he is receiving. Ed-tech startups involve parents while following a non-intrusive parameter to build trust in the quality and uniqueness of their model.

Here is the framework that keeps parents involved:

Parents can access the child's database by entering the registration number through IVR or SMS.

Keeping up to date with the schedule of classes and examinations.

Access to scorecards.

Communication in case of unique situations, and details of interactions with the counselor.

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