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Health Care Industry

It is the foremost duty of the healthcare institutes to treat the patient with the utmost gentleness and professionalism through modern communication platforms.

Eliminate most of the administrative tasks

Eliminate most of the administrative tasks

Voice & SMS reminders for appointments and prescriptions

Voice & SMS reminders for appointments and prescriptions

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Emergency assistance

Emergency assistance

Live Report status

Live Report status

Healthcare Industry is Tapping into the Potential of Cloud Telephony

Healthcare industry has seen enormous growth over the last few years in terms of investment and technology expansion. According to an estimate, the United States spending on healthcare stands at $3 trillion, and when we talk of the Asian continent, especially India, then we expect a $300 billion market by 2020. With the advent of big data and cloud computing, sophisticated methods of communication are being transfused into single career platforms like cloud telephony.

Expansion of Healthcare Industry

It is the foremost duty of the healthcare institutes to treat the patient with the utmost gentleness and professionalism. Because the patient or the care seeker is the customer and customers create the brand value. With increasing customer demand comes the need to effectively create a communication channel so as to reach the end-user. We at CallerDesk strive to progress such cloud telephony solutions that would be accessible to all large, medium as well as small-scale healthcare providers.

CallerDesk's cloud telephony solution is highly reliable and scalable owing to the ease of customer engagement. The easy setup of the cloud telephony framework helps in building the repo of the healthcare provider and also instills a mark of trust between the patient and the caregivers.

Healthcare stakeholders are leveraging modern communication platforms to tackle conventional communication challenges.

Top 4 Challenges in Hospital Settings

Challenge #1: Keeping track of customer conversation

Most of the healthcare call centers lack the necessary infrastructure to keep a record of the queries that the patients had come up with for the executives.

Challenge #2: Feeding customer experience into a central database

Due to lack of a central conversation tracker, the customer experience is not recorded.

Challenge #3: Performance analysis

Healthcare centers that rely on conventional communication channels do not have a system to keep track of the performance of the executives.

Challenge #4: Managing different campaigns

It becomes a challenge for healthcare centers to maintain a database of all the volunteers and customers of many campaigns that they operate, like, blood donation camps, weekly-check-ups, etc.

Top 4 Challenges for Patients:

Challenge #1: Appointment scheduling

Without a live interaction with the agent, it becomes difficult for the patient to make an appointment at the place and time of his choice.

Challenge #2: Appointment reminders

In many cases, patients miss the appointment schedules due to lack of reminders from healthcare providers or the apps they are using.

Challenge #3: Live status

Patients feel a need to track the active states of their health reports and the availability of professionals in healthcare centers.

CallerDesk cloud telephony software hits all the above challenges with a big exclamation and strives to provide state of the art communication platform. With our cloud software, it gets easier to manage multiple customer communication across different cities, along with CRM integration with diagnostic centers and pharmacies.

How is CallerDesk a strong link between the customers and healthcare centers?

Link #1: IVR to eliminate most of the administrative tasks

The routine functions of the healthcare staff is reduced with the IVR that automatically attends the incoming calls and professionally presents the healthcare brand. It enables smooth functioning of inter-departmental communications owing to quick call transfers and also speeds up operational efficiency besides minimizing expenditure.

Link #2: Voice & SMS reminders for appointments and prescriptions

CallerDesk's Auto Voice & SMS feature enables healthcare providers to remind patients about their appointments on time. Moreover, the personalization feature allows customers to add more details to the reminders like medications, name, and other information.

Link #3: CRM Integration

IVR and CRM integration enable healthcare centers to keep a record of patient's appointments, prescriptions, rescheduling, and call recordings.

Link #4 Emergency assistance

CallerDesk's 24*7 toll-free number remains available to patients in case of a medical emergency. In addition, it can be used to broadcast messages to the staff in case of any disaster, or information on arriving casualties.

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