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For F & B Industry

Cloud telephony system in the F & B industry helps in automation of the call receiving and recording the data at half the price without getting burdened with the increase in call volumes.

Direct Trigger

Keep track of all your call responses

Missed Call Routing

Promote offers and discounts

Missed Call Routing

Removes additional call waiting problems

Missed Call Routing

Customer can Book services without human presence

Cloud Telephony Services for F & B Industry

In the food and beverage industry, due to advancements in technology, it has paved the way for the easy communication and accessibility of the restaurants with the increasing time. Orders can be placed easily with just a click and many of them provide home delivery hence making it easier for customers to have their desired food at their doorstep. Hence, the importance of having quality communication with the customers cannot be ignored as more alternatives allow them to compare the services and order it accordingly and efficiently. The role of Cloud Telephony Services also plays an important role in this sector.

Importance of Cloud Telephony

Increasing prices and scaling up for groups to handle large call volumes have resulted due to an increase in the clients.

Cloud telephony system in the food and beverage industry helps in automation of the call receiving and recording the data at half the price without
getting burdened with the increase in call volumes.

Cloud telephony services such as voice broadcasting, auto-receptionist and various other help in providing high-end communication to all your customers.

Salient features of the Cloud Telephony Services

Listed below are some of the features of the Cloud Telephony Services which are usually provided in order to assist food and beverages groups.

Feature #1. Keep track of all your call responses

There is the scope of providing different Virtual Number for all your campaigns.

You can keep track of all your call responses on these virtual numbers in order to find out which marketing strategy generated higher successful results.

With the help of these numbers, you can maximize your ROI by re-routing the calls to the number ensuring 24x7 availability to the customers.

Feature #2. Promote offers and discounts

By using the services of voice and text message, it becomes easier for your business to promote your ongoing offers and discounts to a large customer group in one go.

The message to be delivered can be typed on the script or can be recorded for voice message.

According to your needs, choose accordingly what is suitable for you and schedule the time when to broadcast it.

Feature #3. Removes additional call waiting problems

The best and effective way for lead generation is through missed call service.

Through Missed call service you can efficiently collect the interested leads as per your needs and have a follow-up with them for the conversion.

It removes the additional call waiting problems for your prospects and it helps in calling them back as per your situation and availability.

Feature #4. CRM integration with Admin Portal

With the admin portal, you can monitor, listen and analyze all the incoming calls.

In order to have an analysis of your customer-agent interaction and have an in-depth understanding, it is better to integrate your IVR with CRM.

On the CRM platform, you can smoothly follow up with the whole process by observing the lead to the customer conversion cycle.

Feature #5. No Human Intervention

Having an intelligently designed IVR, you can facilitate your customers by internally redirecting your calls to the appropriate person or department.

This will allow the customers to book their services without the presence of any human on the call.

IVR system has a feature of Auto-receptionist which will never leave any customer unattended by automatically answering all the incoming calls.


From the above instances of services such as Virtual Number, SMS, and Voice Message Broadcast, Missed Call Service, CRM Integration with Admin portal, Smart IVR System, etc., it shows how simplification and automation really looks and works in Cloud Telephony Services. By investing and adopting Cloud Telephony Services, it will increase your growth in business by making it easier to communicate with your customers. Cloud telephony services is a remedy to all call related challenges faced by the food and beverages industry as well as for any other businesses.