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Mass-Media Industry

it is quite difficult to reach the targeted audience through traditional methods. In this case, Cloud telephony solutions prove to be useful.

Personalized and automated recorded calls

Personalized and automated recorded calls

Human-like experience

Human-like experience

connect free through Toll Free Number

connect free through Toll Free Number

Measure ROI & Analytics

Measure ROI & Analytics

Voice Messages and Outbound Text

Voice Messages and Outbound Text

Cloud Telephony Solutions for Mass-Media Industry

According to a research report, last year, there has been a growth of 13% in media industry reaching 1.5 trillion and is expected to grow by an annual growth rate of 11.6% making it reach the figure of 2.0 trillion by the year 2020. Mass-media industry has grown and developed into a full-fledged industry which contributes nearly 0.50% in GDP. There is always a need for efficient marketing and advertising, no matter how best one's services or products are. The media industry is like a vast ocean in which the sources such as cable, print and films, television, radio, music, advertisements as well as online sources play quite an important role in it.

Everyone is the customer of the mass-media due to its nature. Every mass-media industry sector wants itself to reach out to their fullest to the masses and also want to invest less manpower and money. Therefore, it is necessary to invest resources and time for generating the desirable content while personalizing and automating the outbound customer communication and track marketing ROI.

Why Cloud Telephony for Advertising?

There are various modes of marketing and advertisements through which maximum reach out is possible to the masses by the mass-media industry. Traditional methods include TV and Radio broadcast, outdoor billboards, cable television, and other media placements are however well established and can be easily utilized. But according to today's competitive market, they are not quite effective as needed. Some of the non-traditional methods include digital marketing and advertising, mass broadcast of messages and online advertising are easy to be utilized and more effective than traditional methods.

Through the use of conventional methods, it is quite difficult to reach the targeted audience. In this case, Cloud telephony solutions prove to be useful. Cloud telephony solutions also give an idea through which the best return is achieved so that the company can invest efficiently on these methods. When it comes to providing services to the customer, it takes a higher leap further.

How Cloud telephony benefits Mass-media Industry?

There are various solutions in Cloud Telephony system which can boost up your business with a quite easy and smooth pace. Listed below are some of them:

Benefit #1. Personalized and automated recorded calls

Personally connect with the customer helps in creating a large customer base for you.

In order to generate the needed loyalty from the customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors, it is needed to take a leap further.

By use of messaging and outbound calling services, you can make a personalized and automated recorded calls to the customers and inform them about upcoming festival sales or campaigns.

Benefit #2. Human-like experience

By using IVR solutions, it is easier to direct the caller to the right person leading to improvement in the customer experience.

IVR systems also allow providing voice responses giving a human-like experience to the caller hence establishing connection faster.

Benefit #3. Toll-free number

The biggest advantage of providing a toll-free number is that your customer can get connected with you free.

For whatever purpose the call is made, say for feedback or get in touch with us for your queries, the toll-free number makes sure that to contact you is just a call away.

Benefit #4. Virtual number and Missed call

Using Cloud Telephony services, a missed call can easily help to record your marketing campaigns.

This service provides multiple virtual numbers for your advertisements on various different media so you can have an understanding which one produces the most revenue.


All the above features of Cloud Telephony Services such as Smart IVR, Virtual Number, Toll-free number, Voice Messages, and Outbound Text help in strengthening companies with marketing, sales, and customer support solutions. It also helps in targeting potential clients. Hence these all non-traditional methods work well for any large organization as well as for individuals on a limited budget.