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For Startups In India

Cloud Telephony system is used to make strong communication between the customers and business startup leading to boost growth of the business.

Easy Interaction with Customers

Easy Interaction with Customers

Focus on the Core Business by the Startups

Focus on the Core Business by the Startups

No cost of Infrastructure

No cost of Infrastructure

It ensures Call privacy

It ensures Call privacy

Multiple connections

Multiple connections

Cloud Telephony Solutions for Startups in India

China and the US have the largest growing startup base in the world. India ranks number third in this category. The startups are usually at the start of their business career so they are low on their capital. Due to this, they generally cannot afford to have necessities such as start-up friendly automation tools, basic CRM solutions, and universally used resources.

In order to succeed, it is necessary for every startup to remain in touch with the customers. Here the technology plays an important role which helps in serving their customers in an effective way by answering their queries in a timely and efficient manner.

Why Cloud Telephony System?

Customer satisfaction is necessary for the success of any company. A cloud telephony system helps to serve the customers quite efficiently. It uses virtual or cloud-based numbers which do not require any additional infrastructure. The easy installation of the cloud system helps in receiving quick feedback from the customers. Cloud Telephony system is used to make strong communication between the customers and business startup leading to boost growth of the business. Cloud Telephony is a boost for all enterprises whether big or small.

How Cloud Telephony help the Startups?

There are various ways in which the cloud telephony services prove beneficial for startups. Some of the ways are listed below:

Benefit #1. Easy Interaction with Customers:

The customer support team can use Cloud telephony to receive multiple calls at the same time and also record and analyze the calls in order to keep a check on their performance.

The agents who receive the calls can also be trained to answer the queries of the customer.

Cloud telephony system helps in analyzing the customer’s calls and accordingly takes the required action.

Benefit #2. Focus on the Core Business by the Startups

A startup needs to give more time and efforts in order to establish its business and name in the industry.

It would be a burden to allot financial resources to hire employees just for customer interaction.

By installing Cloud telephony system, it will help in saving your capital as well as serve your customers effectively.

Benefit #3. No cost of Infrastructure

Many startups are innovative and creative in their services as well as in the daily functioning of their business.

So for innovative methods, it is necessary to incorporate innovative ways for their services.

Here the role of Cloud Telephony System comes in action. If we talk about its installation, no infrastructure is required and when any troubleshooting service or maintenance is required, it can be solved quite easily and rapidly.


The use of Cloud Telephony Services will revolutionize the way of communicating with your customers. This call management solution provides exclusive features such as Toll-free number, Outbound calls & voice messages, Virtual number, IVR Response, etc. It is quite easy to communicate with your customers and see your business growth by adopting and investing in Cloud Telephony Services.