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Travel And Aviation Industry

Travel and aviation industry can improve operational efficiency, manage risk & analytical intelligence, etc through cloud telephony built-in solutions for predicting fraud ticketing and ticket cancellation.

Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring

Decision Making on the basis of Data

Decision Making on the basis of Data

Customer privacy intact

Customer privacy intact

Tracking of the marketing ROI

Tracking of the marketing ROI

Automated communication

Automated communication

Cloud Telephony System for Travel and Aviation Industry

According to the statistics, Travel and Aviation industry contribute nearly 7 trillion US dollars to the world economy. This is one of the fastest and largest industries due to advancements in technology and modes of travel. There is an increase in the competition due to which the travel agencies and organizations face and deal with the constant challenges and increase their customer conversion without degrading the reputation of their quality & brand. A traveler generally plans his travel, visit and stays by using multiple modes in order to expect an engaging, smart and personalized experience. So, it is necessary for the companies to set up an efficient distribution network, automate customer interaction points and bring in the competitive products in order to sustain and flourish their travel business.

Role and need of Cloud Telephony System

The Cloud Telephony services give the travel and aviation industry to reinvent the way it works with its customers and build up a relationship in order to provide them personalized and smart experience. Cloud telephony has a unique collection of the services and solutions to the problems which are faced by various segments such as Airline, Cruise, Tour Operators & Distributors, and Transportation & Logistics organizations of this industry

Cloud telephony services aim at enabling the uniform channel to provide utmost customer experience which will help in increasing efficiency of the business making use of technology such as Cloud computing, Analytics, Social Computing, and mobility.

By making use of Analytics, there are built-in solutions for predicting fraud ticketing and ticket cancellation so that the travel and aviation industry can improve operational efficiency, manage risk, increase revenue, business & analytical intelligence, etc.

Salient features of Cloud Telephony Services

Cloud telephony provides services and solutions to the travel and aviation industry whose salient features are listed below:

Feature #1: Call Recordings

Ability to track and record all the outgoing and incoming calls. Calls from landlines can also be recorded.

Feature #2: Centralized Monitoring

All the activities of all your customer service center can be monitored from your headquarters or centralized location.

Feature #3: Decision Making on the basis of Data

Accessibility of Live Analytics for all your processes and also detailed call center reports. By tracking key metrics, it will lead to an improvement in the decision-making process.

Feature #4: Pure Cloud Solution

Very less maintenance, zero capex, and subscription-based payment.

Feature #5: Flexible and Smart IVR

Depending upon the business needs and requirements, custom rules can be created and IVR configuration can be set up accordingly.

Top Five Advantages provided by Cloud Telephony to Travel Industry

Listed below are some of the benefits which Cloud telephony can bring to travel and aviation industry:

Advantage #1: Customer Call management

It is easier to set up the Cloud Telephony system in order to handle customer calls (their complaints and inquiries) without worrying about the infrastructure cost or maintenance, hardware, etc.

It is easier and hassle-free to set up the system for its use.

Advantage #2: Customer privacy intact

Due to lack of safety, there have been several cases of harassment over the phone as the numbers are shared and there is no control over this for the people who book rides.

By using Cloud Telephony system, it can ensure that the customer information and number is not shared with the cab drivers.

It is easier to maintain the privacy of the customer through a simple click to call integration by not revealing the information of the customer.

Advantage #3: Tracking of the marketing ROI

Through virtual number provided in your advertisements, the outcome of the marketing spend on it can be tracked out.

Advantage #4: Customer Relation and Engagement

Cloud Telephony provides the Travel and Aviation enterprises to connect and engage the customer and consumer directly through mobile and social media anywhere anytime at quite a low cost.

This will build a direct, rich and deep relationship between them benefitting both the sides.

Due to this, the customer can reveal his/her travel habits and preferences, which the travel agencies can use it to provide the special offers to the customer of their preferred choice.

Advantage #5: Automated communication reducing manual efforts

Manual process of communication with drivers is quite time consuming.

Usage of automated SMS or calls to provide information can help in reducing the effort of manual workforce and also keep communication precise and track-able.

Without the presence of any agents, process such as cancellation of tickets can also happen over an IVR.


From the above instances of services and benefits, it shows how automation and simplification work in Cloud Telephony Services. It will surely increase your growth in business by adopting & investing in it and making it easier to communicate with your customers. For Travel and the Aviation industry as well as for any other businesses, Cloud Telephony services is a remedy to all call related challenges faced by them.