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It is a need of the hour to address the queries of the customers in an effective and timely manner in insurance sector due to the evolution of technology by use of Cloud Telephony Solution.

Personalized Message with information

Personalized Message with information

Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Efficient management of leads

Efficient management of leads

Customer privacy

Customer privacy

Reduction in operational costs

Reduction in operational costs

Cloud Telephony Services for the Insurance Market

According to research done by IBEF, it states that over the next 10 years, the Indian insurance market is expected to grow rapidly four times than its status. It is necessary to have a responsive and effective communication system in order to stay updated with the user's needs and capture the growing market trends. It is a need of the hour to address the queries of the customers in an effective and timely manner due to the evolution of technology by use of Cloud Telephony Solution. Say for example A customer may search the net with the questions to get the best answers or choose a website live chat in order to gather information.

Services offered by the Cloud Telephony System

In order to address the queries of the customers in an effective and timely manner, there is a wide range of services provided by Cloud Telephony Solutions, which are listed below:

Service #1: Personalized Message with information

You can send messages with information specific to them and sending those wishes on special days with the help of Automated Outbound solutions and creates a personal connection with your customers. Depending upon the call purpose, an automated call can be generated for the customer having his personalized details such as customer's name, total balance, etc.

Service #2: Call Center Solutions

It becomes difficult to know whether the calls are being answered on time or not and what your agents have been saying to the customers with the increase in the number of employees and customers.

With the help of Cloud Telephony, the data, which can be analyzed by the managers, can be automated through these services.

In Automated Speech Recognition, it picks out certain keywords from the conversation and with the help of keyword selection; it can provide the data which agent has the happiest customers.

Service #3: Missed Call Services

Missed Call Services helps us to measure the response of the customers to your marketing campaigns done through different media such as offline and online.

These services help us to get feedback by conducting the polls amongst many other things.

Service #4: Smart and ASR-powered IVR

By use of IVR, it will greet your customer in a professional voice when they call your Virtual number or toll-free number.

It will direct the call to the concerned department or person they are looking for.

IVR, when combined with ASR, will allow recording the voice responses and the customer will not need to type the numbers in the dial pad.

Advantages of Cloud Telephony to the insurance industry

Listed below are some of the benefits which Cloud telephony can bring to travel and aviation industry:

Advantage #1: Efficient management of leads

Designed for enterprises, it can track all the leads which are called at your institution and the even the missed calls can be tracked.

Advantage #2: Automated Services

Due to lack of safety, there have been several cases of harassment over the phone as the numbers are shared and there is no control over this for the people who book rides.

Advantage #3: Customer privacy

It helps in ensuring privacy of the customer by masking his/her phone number.

Advantage #4: Reduction in operational costs

With the use of smart IVR, the manual costs can be reduced by 60% by automating the queries such as credit card limit, new insurance plans, account balance, etc.

Advantage #5: Maintain customer-agent conversations

Even when the RM has left, the customers can contact the branch as an individual virtual number is provided for each relationship managers.

Advantage #6: Easy & authentic transactions

● The transactions can be added an extra layer of security to verify and protect the customer data through OTP, Voice message and SMS.

Advantage #7: Smooth customer experience

Integration of Cloud Telephony with your banking CRM can you be done to provide a smooth customer experience by personalizing it.


After adopting Cloud Telephony Solutions, the insurance enterprises and companies will help in the conversion of more clients due to AI-powered ASR insight. Automated Outbound Solutions will help the insurance company and its marketing channels to reach out directly to the consumer over the phone. Hence, through Cloud Telephony Solutions, the sentiments of the customers can be analyzed to predict their needs and provide the feedback in order to improve the sales pitch.